European Youth Center for Renewable Energies

The „Technisch-Ökoligisches Projektzentrum Rabutz“ (Technical and Environmental Project Center) in the near of Leipzig in Saxony is an youth organisation with a wide range of non-formal education since 1996. It’s a place for children and young people to create their own scientific projects and to gain experience in technical processes.

On 4th May 2010, it has officialy been named by MILET Europe as the "European Youth Competence Center for Renewable Energies" aiming at acting as a booster for the developement of activities on renewable energies for the whole Europe.

At the beginning there was a small village with 54 inhabitants and only one small electric racecar…

…today you can find:

  • a „Young Enterprise company” organizing the racing team - also responsible for engineering, funding, cooperation with commercial partners, coordinate international projects and public relation
  • a youth center with non-formal educational standards. Among engineering, mathematics and physics the focus regarding the workgroups lies on environment and renewable energies.  Learning-by-doing as educational strategy
  • a race track, whose infrastructure base exclusively on renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind energy)
  • a place for practical trainings, seminars, bi-, tri- and multilateral youth exchanges

The „Technisch-Ökoligisches Projektzentrum Rabutz“ works on the following principles:

  • Learning is fun –  children and young people are more motivated to acquire knowledge
  • project-oriented leisure education, promoting initiative and personal responsibility of children and young people
  • Using of synergy effects through cooperation with business, industry and communities
  • impart knowledge about the requirements of the fast-moving developments in science, technology and economy to future students and apprentices in addition to school.


Technisch-Ökologisches Projektzentrum Rabutz
Bageritzer Weg 1
04509 Wiedemar / OT Rabutz
Phone:   +49 (0)34207-73595
Fax:   +49 (0)34207-73597


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